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Cartoon of the Word vol. 1

Northside Madison
Ambrosavage's Cartoon of the Word (of the Day)
Ambrosavage at the Typewriter
You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words?
Well, these are the words.
Sir Alexander Korda's Guide to Full Employment
An unemployed Ambrosavage travels to Paris and has an epiphany. He has discovered how to live like a king while laughing in the face of sudden unexpected unemployment.

Bob Dole Says 'Hello'
Ambrosavage has a chance encounter with Bob Dole, who prepares John for a lifetime of being the target of many a political campaign.

God Stories
In a time in which the religious right has packaged and promoted God in their own image, Ambrosavage finds that there may be room for a kinder, simpler God.

The Graying of America
It's not what you think. It has nothing to do with their age or the color of their hair, but the grays are everywhere, so you better get used to it.

Good Boy Bill
Yet another chance encounter, this time with Bill Gates, reminds John that even the world's richest man is still just a kid to his Dad.

Ambro's Little List of Sayings
The deadline must have been approaching quickly on this one, so in a rare moment of weakness, Ambrosavage dropped back forty and punted. The result is ten of his favorite taglines. You have to imagine the cartoon. Or draw your own.
  Entire contents copyright © 2013 John Ambrosavage. All rights reserved.  
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