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Cartoon of the Word vol. 1

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Ambrosavage's Cartoon of the Word (of the Day)
"Word of the Day" is a popular feature at Merriam-Webster Online. John has challenged himself to draw a cartoon each day based on that day's word.

Cartoons appear here daily, shortly after the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day is posted.

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01/11/2010: pied--terre
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noun | pee-ay-duh-TAIR

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  John Ambrosavage's cartoons have been nationally syndicated and distributed.
He was one of's first electronic card artists. His feature "Where's My Slice?" was an early digital feature in The long-running "Ambrotoons" was one of the first web based comic offerings in the Seattle Weekly.

John Ambrosavage
Ray C. Freeman III
(after the fact)

Kenna Winston

"John Ambrosavage is an American Treasure".
-Dave Liljengren, editor, Pandomag
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