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Cartoon of the Word vol. 1

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Ambrosavage's Cartoon of the Word (of the Day)
Standard Pricing:

Ink Jet Prints
on Glossy
Photo Paper:


Print Framed
in 8 x 10 black
wooden frame:


Matted Print Framed in 11x14 black wooden frame.

Please note that multi-panel (animated) cartoons may require larger prints and frames.

Please inquire for final sizes and pricing on multi-panel cartoons.

Larger prints and frames available. Please inquire for pricing.
  Framed Cartoon of the Word Prints
Framed 8x10 print of John's 12/31/2010 cartoon for "meld", personally inscribed to Cartoon of the Word fan Vince Scotti.

Framed Ambrosavage Prints

Does one of John's Cartoon of the Word (of the Day) cartoons tickle your funny bone more than most? Does it strike a nerve in a way that makes you want to print it out and hang it on the wall so that you can look at it every day? Well, now we'll do it for you! Well, the printing and framing anyway. You will still have to hang it up.

Not only that, but John would be pleased to hand-write a personal note as well, thanking you for your support.

Prints are made from the original high-resolution colored versions of the cartoons. Multi-panel (from cartoons animated on the website) prints are also available.

For pricing or to order, contact our webmaster.
  Multi-frame print
multi-frame cartoons can be turned into multi-panel prints in either horizontal or vertical formats.

Typical Pricing:

Original Drawing, unframed:

Original Drawing
in 8 x 10 black
wooden frame:


Original Drawing
matted in 11 x 14
black wooden frame:


Please note that not all originals will fit in 8 x 10 frames. Please inquire as to availability and final pricing.

Prices are exclusive of shipping.
Framed Ambrosavage Original
Framed original drawing of John Ambrosavage's 01/26/2011 Cartoon of the Word (of the Day), "bathetic".

Framed Ambrosavage Originals

Many of the original drawings, in pen and ink (yes, a real nib pen and actual ink) on paper (yes, actual paper) from the Cartoon of the Word are available as well. Format (horizontal or vertical) and size varies. Some contain multi-part animation features, such as arms in multiple positions, etc. Each and every one is a one-of-a-kind piece of original artwork.

Obviously, not all originals are still available!

For availability and pricing on original drawings, contact our webmaster.

Prints and Originals of many of the cartoons on the main site at Ambrotoons are available as well.


If you have made arrangements to buy a print, you can pay for it here:

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